Updated Telescopic Camera Crane

We updated 5m telescopic crane and are offering the lowest promotional price.

The updated crane features are:

1. Use imported motor on arm to make smooth/quiet telescopic movement.

2. The arm telescopic range is from 2m to 5m.

3. The telescopic arm speed is adjusted. The fastest speed is 0.5m/s.

4. The crane can be used by Ronin/Movi/all cameras.

5. The tripod is updated to eight big wheels dolly.

6. With square shape counterweights.

7. Offer 1 year warranty and lifetime free repair.

8. Optional motorized height adjusted 4 wheels dolly with track wheels.

9. Please check crane test video from Youtube links: https://youtu.be/3E1W-NTK3v0

10. Optional crane length 5m, 6.5m, 10m and 12m.

By October, 2020

Telescopic Crane For Sale

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