The crane (9 meters super telescopic crane) is working very well. We will set up the 18m crane today and test it as well.

—Jordy from Florida, America.


Thank you-tracks (heavy duty stainless steel curved track use 8pcs to make a full circle) are very good! nice quality and easy to put together.

—Amanda from New York, America.


Hi, I am only writing to you now, but it has been a long time since I received the crane (6m multi-function camera crane). All perfectly as agreed without any problems.

—Angelo from Italy.


The dolly track and dolly exceeded my expectations! It’s an industry standard, rock solid product! Thank you!

—Sheldon from Canada.


The crane (7.6 meters DV camera crane use good material) is perfect. Thank you very much, for everything you did. 

—Gurkan from Ontario, Canada.


I am very satisfied with the service and what I received. special thanks to Cassie.

—Gurkan from Ontario, Canada.


Hi Cassie, I wanted to let you know that I received the crane (7 meters car mounted camera crane) a few weeks ago and I installed it on my car and it works great. 

—Jordy from FL, USA.


The multi-function crane is a good crane though much heavier than I expected. However it is a very good value for the price.

—Dylan from Canada.


Hi Cassie, First, I would like to say i am very happy with the crane (8m DV crane), thank you. I tested everything and everything is works. I want to write a manual for the assembly in Germen. And I like to sell the crane in Europe. I can not promise anything but i want to try it.

—Helmut from Switzerland.


Yes, the (5m) telescopic crane installed work very good, I love it. thank you very much. I appreciate..

—Fly from Brussels, Belgium


Many thanks for the crane (12 meters Jimmy Jib), it arrived the following week on Wednesday and we were able to use it of the highly anticipated function. We have used it for the 3 other shoots and its super, great equipment. Thanks again!

—Athanas from Kenya.


The multi-function crane is working fine.

—Munya from UK.


—Artak from Armenia.


We have received positive feedback from several industry professionals regarding the quality and function of the crane (dutch head 20 Ft). Based on their feedback we feel confident that the product will do well and we are prepared to put resources in place to launch a private label line of cranes.

—Priest from GA, USA.


Hi dear. Just want to tell you that we just finish operating during tv show. The crane (15m Jimmy Jib) work perfectly and securely.

—Patrick from French-polynesia.


The crane (5m multi-functions camera crane) is working very good. Everything is good for now.

—Mike from CA, USA.


I got the crane (8m DV crane) quality very good. Thank you very much.

—Artak from Republic of Armenia.


Get goods (DV camera crane head parts). Working good.

—Raju from India.


High quality track.

—Huu from Vietnam.


Yes it’s good (the Jimmy Jib head parts). it’s work very well.

—Hamza from Jordan.


There is one friend wants to buy a crane, he asked me from where I bought it. The same as I bought before. Also there are 4 people in Lebanon 2 people want your product. I will deal with you. It’s really a good quality. and I will not contact with other companies in China.

—Mohamed from Lebanon.


Hello Cassie, I use the crane (18m crane arm + tripod), all was ok.

—Pascal from French Antilles.


Everything is fine,  polite and nice guys, was a pleasure to deal with.

—Nonn from Turkey.


Not to worry I will buy from you. As we already done business before and meet good cooperation.

—Cyril from Nigeria.


Your products have good quality and best price. 

—Abbas from Iran.


Your products have good quality and best price. In the next travel to China let you know for more details discuss. I believe it you are the best. you will soon be ahead. you are very strenuous and hopefully success.

—Abbas from Iran.


(5m telescopic camera crane) It’s very good. I am very satisfied. Thanks so much. quality this product is very high.

—Abbas from Iran.


I got the gran, quality very good, thank you very much. 


Very good.

—Vahidin from Albania.


Best seller.

—Vahidin from Albania.



—Vahidin from Albania.


Very nice crane (5m telescopic crane). Will buy again. Good aftersale service.

—vivien from United States.


Great product.

FELIX from Ghana.


Great products, will do more business with them.

—Terry from Canada.


(10m DV camera crane) Crane arrived today, very happy.

—Peter from Ghana.


(Wireless motorized dolly and tracks) Got it…Thks ya. I truly love it…

—Boniface from Malaysia.


BTW I must say ur jib (12m Jimmy Jib) is so good. Tomorrow I have a show Miss Uganda beauty pergent.

—Ronnie from Uganda.


Hi Cassie. How are you? I hope all is well with you. I am sorry I did not write.
I tell you that the partner in Mexico is happy with the cranes (10m Jimmy Jib and 12m Jimmy Jib).

Franciscor from Mexico.