Motorized Trailer Used On Camera Dolly

We new released a motorized trailer which can be used on any kinds of dolly and tracks (straight/curved). 

It support motorized moving and use pedals to control the dolly go/back and speed.

The features are:

1. This trailer is sold seperated (without dolly and tracks).

2. It use very good pedals (use Hall Sensor) and Germany imported high power motor.

3. It is continuously variable speed and the max speed is 5 meters per second.

4. It use two gusset plate battery (you can use camera batteries on it)

5. It can drag 200kgs weights.

6. Use aluminum box as packing (the box size is 54.5*35*32 cm).

If you have need, please feel free to contact me for more details. Thank you.

By June, 2019

Motorized Trailer