Camera Crane Latest Promotion Activities

We offer same good quality camera crane with more competitive prices in 2019. Here are our latest promotion activities.

A. 5 meters car mounted camera crane unit price is much lower

Higher Standard Car Mounted Camera Crane

B. We offer FREE SEA SHIPPING for multi-function crane and jimmy jib.

C. 7.2 meters DV camera crane use triangle arm 80*80*80mm is offering the lowest promotional price USD650.

D. Copy of GFM 7700 is offering the lowest promotional price USD665 (this price is valid before 30th March, 2019).

E. We now have folding stainless steel tracks and motorized dolly with very good prices.

F. We now are making mass production for copy of GF-8 (12m crane with seat on top).

Copy of GFM 12 Meters Camera Crane


By March, 2019