90% Copy of GFM

Please know that we new released 12m camera crane with very competitive price (it is 90% copy of GF8)


1. The crane total length is 12 meters

2. The crane can be setup into 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m

3. The lenght under 8m can be with sitting man on the top

4. The crane is with one seat and one 150cm bowl on the head

5. The head can bear 200kgs weights

6. Use unique 4 wheels dolly with 4pcs leveling legs for better support

7. The 4 wheels dolly is with 16pcs track wheels which can be directly used on tracks (without add extra cost)

8. Please feel free to contact me for show videos

By September, 2018