Camera Crane Use Electric Control Dutch Head

Camera Crane Use Electric Control Dutch Head

1. With electric remote control pan tilt roll 3 axis dutch head.

2. Use Japan imported motors and good material.

3. The crane can be used by DV cameras with 2.5mm connector.

4. Optional professional connector be used by broadcast cameras.

5. Optional configufation to meet different demands.

6. The crane can be setup into shorter length.

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Camera Crane Use Electric Control Dutch Head

Optional crane length: 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m



Dutch head

Use pan tilt roll 3 axis dutch head (without camera).

Optional L/U shape dutch head (with different cost).

*L head can bear 10kgs weights.

*U head can bear 15kgs weights.

Use Japan imported motors with lower noise.

Optional Chinese motors with lower cost.

Optional slip rings to make head can rotate unlimited on X.Y. Z axis (add extra cost).

The slip rings completely solve the problem of wires wrapping during shooting.


Main cable

To connect head and the control parts.

Intergration of control box and monitor

Use 7 inch SD monitor (with monitor hood).

With buttons of 12V DC, charger, video, power, fuse.

Make design more simple.

Contain batteries and with charger.

Optional 7/10 inch HD monitor with HDMI cable (add extra cost).

Two controllers

One head controller with joystick + one zoom controller.

Remote control pan, tilt, speed, REC, zoom etc..

Optional lens on zoom controller (Sony, Panasonic, Fuji EX, Canon).

Optional iris and focus function for Panasonic or Sony (add extra cost).

Optional DSLR controller with iris and focus function (add extra cost).

Arm body

Material is aluminum alloy.

Optional crane length 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m.

Optional triangle arm body with side length 13*13*13cm or 15*15*15cm (with different cost).

Optional arm body length 1.2m/pc or 1.5m/pc.

The crane can be setup into shorter length.

Guy wires

Use 4 sets stainless steel guy wires.

Use good stainless steel parts.


Optional tripod design to meet different demands.

12m camera crane use 6 wheels dolly.

The tripod height is about 1.5 meters.



Use two or three aluminum box as packing.

The boxes are with sponge inside to protect the parts.

Lifetime Warranty

If the equipment has any problem within 1 year (under correct using), we will send free replacements.

After 1 year, we will offer free repair or just charge material cost for the replacements.


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Q: How to install the camera crane?

A: We have install video to guide you the installation.

Q: How many hours the camera crane can work with battery fully charged?

A: 4-8 hours

Q: Can the camera crane be directly connected to AC power ?

A: Need the help of a adapter.

Q: Is the camera crane water proof and dust proof?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer OEM service and logo print?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the shipping way?

A: We usually send the camera crane by sea (sea is the cheapest way with the longest delivery time).

Faster air way or express (like DHL which offer door to door service) is also accepted (batteries are forbidden to send by air ways).

We can also send the goods to your shipping agent in any city of China.

Q: About customs

A: We make export in China for FOB price term and offer all needed documents to help the customers make the import.

Q:  About tax

A: We could declare items at lower value to help customers pay lower tax (if needed).

Additional Information

What Will You Get?

* L/U shape pan tilt roll 3 axis dutch head.
* One main cable.
* Intergration of control box and 7 inch SD monitor.
* Two controllers.
* External power supply.
* 1.2m or 1.5m triangle arm with side length 13*13*13cm or 15*15*15cm.
* 4 sets stainless steel guy wire.
* Tripod (12m crane use 6 wheels dolly).
* Install tools
* Two or three aluminum boxes as packing.
* 1 year warranty and lifetime free repair.

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