U Shape Pan Tilt Roll Dutch Head

The parts included are: 

1. U shape pan tilt roll dutch head

2. Lens servo system

3. Big control box + 10 inch HD monitor

4. Two controllers

5. One main cable (length from 6m to 50m)

6. One aluminum box as packing

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U Shape Pan Tilt Roll Dutch Head



U Shape Pan Tilt Roll 3 Axis Head

1. The head use high power motors with lower noise

2. Optional Japan/Chinese motors with different cost

3. The head can bear 15kgs weights

4. Optional slip rings (will add extra cost)

Lens Servo System

To control the iris and focus of broadcast cameras

Mian Cable

1. To connect head and cnotrol parts

2. Cable from length 6m to 50m available

3. Cable longer than 15m will add extra cost

Big Control Box

1. With buttons of work light, error light, center, speed, damp etc.

2. Support video in, video out

3. Contain batteries and with charger

Two Controllers

1. One head controller with joystick + one zoom controller

2. Remote control pan, tilt, zoom, camera start/stop etc.

3. AC or DC operation

10 inch HD Monitor

1. With monitor hood

2. Optional HDMI and SDI connector (will add extra cost)

One Aluminum Box

The box is with sponge inside to protect the parts

Additional Information

What Will You Get?

*U shape pan tilt roll 3 axis head
*Lens Servo system
*One main cable (from length 6m to 50m)
*One big control box (contain batteries)
*Two controllers
*One 10 inch HD monitor
*One aluminum box (packing)

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