Greenbull FlyingKitty FM6 III Cablecam

Greenbull FlyingKitty FM6 III Cablecam

1. Greenbull FlyingKitty FM6 III Cablecam.

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Greenbull FlyingKitty FM6 III Cablecam

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Greenbull FlyingKitty FM6 III is a portable cablecam device developed for DJI RS3 PRO stabilizer.

It integrates DJI’s latest RS SDK protocol and is capable of controlling the cable dolly, stabilizer, camera and follow focus.

FM6 III is easy and quick to learn and operate with a range of strong functions.

It is increasingly widely used in live events, performances and shows, sports competitions, concerts, music festivals,

weddings and receptions, and of course, film and television dramas, documentaries and outdoor reality shows to

present an overhead view of the scene.


FlyingKitty Cablecam offers an effective aerial photography solution to the above problems. It is the best partner for drones. 

Just like a special forces soldier with a long gun in his hand and a pistol as a standby in order to complete the mission with excellence,

a photographer needs both a drone and a cablecam.



Additional Information

Parts Included

1. FM6 III cable dolly cable dolly (standard) x1
2. RC30-R remote control joystick ×1
3. Communication interface adapter and signal cable ×1
4. Antenna ×2
5. M4 screw ×1
6. L-shaped Allen Key (2.5mm) × 1
7. 20-inch carrying bag ×1
8. 100 meters of Φ5MM polymer fiber cable
9. Puller strap ×2
10. Ratchet tighteners ×2
11. Safety buckle ×6
1. FM6 III PRO cable dolly ×1
2. RC300-R multi-functional remote control ×1
3. Communication interface adapter and signal cable ×1
4. Video camera remote control cable (Φ2.5mm audio interface)×1
5. Camera control cable (Sony Multi) ×1
6. Antenna ×3
7. Type-B to DC conversion interface (2.5 self-locking)
8. Pedal control ×1
9. M4 screw ×1
10. L-shaped Allen Key (2.5mm) ×1
11. 20-inch carrying bag ×1
12. 200 meters of Φ5MM polymer fiber cable
13. Puller strap ×2
14. Ratchet tighteners ×2
15. Safety buckle ×6

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