Greenbull BX200 Portable Camera Slider

1. Greenbull BX200 Portable Camera Slider.

2. Orginal product with more competitive price.

3. Optional rail length 2m, 2.67m and 3.47m.

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Greenbull BX200 Portable Camera Slider

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Equipped with 8-wheel slide car, 0.8-meter elevated leg and 2-meter splicing slide rail, BX200 can bear 50kg,

and match large-scale professional camera equipment. It can be stored in roller equipment bag with outstanding portability.

It can be equipped with electric control kit to realize remote camera shooting. It is a portable video slide track for professional users.

Main features

Load bearing 50kg|2m splicing slide rail|CNC refined slide car|elevated support leg|wireless

electronic control kit|aviation aluminum alloy|silent rail wheel|standard 75 & 100 bowl seat|

optional 150 bowl seat|anti rollover design|light rack tripod|roller equipment bag.


8-wheel rail car

CNC refined aluminum alloy slide car is equipped with high elastic silent rail wheel and anti-rollover

safety buckle design to enhance the safety in shooting.

Multi aperture pan tilt stand

It is equipped with 100&75mm bowl platform base and optional with 150mm bowl platform base.

It is inclusive and flexible.

2m spliced slide rail

2m spliced aluminum alloy slide can bear 50kg. Precision docking of stainless steel thread can

combine a variety of length with light weight and excellent portability.

0.8 m elevated leg

BX200 has two kinds of support leg – standard type and elevated type. It is stable like a stone and

can be equipped with various lampstands, magic legs and tripods.

Roller bag

The whole set of equipment is put into the portable bag of roller equipment, which can be easily

carried by single person.

Performance parameters

Slide car:

Size: 328x375x140mm (length x width x height)

Self-weight: 2.8kg

Bearing weight: 50kg

Pulley: 2 wheels x 4 groups

Bowl platform: 75&100mm (standard configuration), 150mm (optional configuration).


Additional Information

Parts Included

Slide Car *1
Standard rail 2*2
Extended rail: *2
Support leg *2
Elevated leg (with bag) *4
Lamp bracket screw *2
Hexagon wrench (5.0mm) *1
Safety buckle *2
Instruction and warranty card*1
Roller bag *1

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