5 Meters Camera Crane Jib Installed On Cars

5 Meters Camera Crane Jib Installed On Cars

1. Use Russia imported parts.

2. The crane can withstand 80MPH car speed.

3. The crane is waterproof and dustproof.

4. Optional crane length 4m, 6m and 7m.

5. With CE certification approved.

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5 Meters Camera Crane Jib Installed On Cars



Without head parts

Head parts include pan tilt head, one head controller, one zoom controller, one main cable, one monitor.

Can be used by Ronin or Movi.

With stabilized damper on crane top.

The crane top can bear 40kgs weights.

Control box

One arm control box with joysticks.

Use good imported joysticks.

The arm control box can control arm movement and speed.

Battery box

48V battery box which offer power supply for the crane.

Contain 4pcs 12V batteries.

With charger.

Arm body

The material is high strength aluminum alloy.

Use good spray paint (it’s oxidized).

Use round shape arm.

Use Russia imported motor and gears.

The crane can withstand car speed of 80 MPH.

The crane total length is 5m. The front arm is 3m and the rear arm is 2m.

The crane can be setup as 5m and 4m.

Optional arm length 4m, 6m and 7m.

With one set rectangle counterweights.

Guy wires

With full set stainless steel guy wires.

Unique crane base

With stabilized damper on base.

Use Russia imported gears and parts.

Customized crane base according to your car size.

We might upgrade the crane base so please make the object as the standard.

The car base (attaching metal grips) is made in your local market.

Install ways

We have two ways to install the crane on cars:

A: Weld (this way is more stronger).

B: Screw.


Use customized wood box as packing.

With sponge inside of box to protect the parts.


Product Applications


Lifetime Warranty

If the equipment has any problem within 1 year (under correct using),

we will send free replacements. After 1 year, we will offer free repair or  

just charge material cost for the replacements.






car crane on boat




car crane on truck





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Q: How to install the camera crane?

A: We have install video to guide you the installation.

Q: How many hours the camera crane can work with battery fully charged?

A: 4-8 hours

Q: Can the camera crane be directly connected to AC power ?

A: Need the help of a adapter.

Q: Is the camera crane water proof and dust proof?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer OEM service and logo print?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the shipping way?

A: We usually send the camera crane by sea (sea is the cheapest way with the longest delivery time).

Faster air or express (like DHL) is also accepted (batteries are forbidden to send by air ways).

We can also send the goods to your shipping agent in any city of China.

Additional Information

What Will You Get?

*Stabilized head damper.
*One arm control box with joysticks.
*5 meters round shape arm.
*48V battery box.
*Full set stainless steel guy wires.
*Unique crane base (with damper).
*One set rectangular counterweights.
*Customized wood box as packing.
* 1 year warranty and lifetime free repair.

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