Wireless Motorized Camera Dolly

1. With wireless remote control

2. The dolly size is 110*80cm

3. With 16pcs dolly wheels

4. Use one high power motor

5. Use wireless control box with joystick

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Wireless Motorized Camera Dolly



Material is aluminum.

Size is 110*80cm.

Dolly with 16pcs track wheels + one motorized wheel + 12V batteries +

wireless remote control box (with joystick) + one column + one bowl.

Bowl has size 50cm/75cm/100cm for your choice.

Optional 32pcs dolly wheels (will add extra cost).

Use carton as packing.



Can put camera directly on the dolly (with bowl).

Can put camera crane pan tilt head (use seperated inverted U head).

Can be with chair (with add extra cost).

Continuously variable speed.

The min speed is 0cm/sec. The max speed is 30cm/sec.

Customized speed is accepted (like 1m/sec.).

With auto stop function (will add extra cost).

Wireless remote control range is 200m (in the absence of interference).

The maximum load of dolly is 200kgs.

Please contact us for show videos.


Lifetime Warranty

It means if any device have problem within 1 year (under correct using),

we will send free replacements. After 1 year, we will offer free repair or 

just charge material cost for replacements.


Test Video


Additional Information

What Will You Get?

* Dolly with 16pcs track wheels + one motorized wheel
* 12V batteries
* Wireless remote control box (with joystick)
* One column
* One bowl

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