Jimmy Jib 12m Use Height Adjusted Tripod

Jimmy Jib 12m Use Height Adjusted Tripod

1. 12m/39.37ft jimmy jib

2. Use Japan motors and stainless steel parts

3. With good paint spraying on arm

4. Can be setup as 12m, 9.6m and 7.2m

5. Use 3 wheels height adjusted tripod from 1.2m to 1.6m

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Jimmy Jib 12m Use Height Adjusted Tripod

Item No.: VC-J 12M 



U Shape Pan Tilt Head

1. U head can bear 20kgs weights

2. Use Japan imported motors with lower noise

3. The slowest full turning speed ≤0.5 laps/min and the fastest speed ≥10

4. Optional L/U shape pan tilt roll 3 axis head (will add extra cost)

5. Optional slip rings used on 3 axis head (will add extra cost)

Lens Servo System

To control focus and iris of broadcast cameras

Main Cable

To connect head and control parts

Big Control Box

1. With buttons of work light, error light, center, speed, damp etc.

2. Support video in, video out

3. Contain batteries and with charger

Two Controllers

1. One head controller with joystick + one zoom controller

2. Remote control pan, tilt, zoom, camera start/stop etc.

3. AC or DC operation

Free DSLR Controller

1. Include take pictures, record, pause, iris, focus functions

2. With USB cable

3. Can be used by 5D2, 5D3, 5DS, 6D, 7D etc.

10 Inch HD Monitor

1. With monitor hood

2. One free HDMI cable

3. Optional SDI connector (will add extra cost)

Arm Body

1. Material is high-strength aluminum alloy

2. Triangle arm body with side length 15*15*15cm

3. The arm body length is 1.2m/pc

4. Consist of 10pcs arm body

5. The crane can be setup as 12m, 9.6m, 7.2m

4 Sets Stainless Steel Guy Wire

Three Wheels Adjusted Dolly

1. The dolly height is adjusted from 1.2m to 1.5m

2. The wheel diameter is 25cm

3. The dolly is with pull rod

4. The wheels are with lock


1. Use three aluminum box as packing

2. The boxes use sponge inside to protect the parts

3. Each arm is packed in one cloth bag for better protection


Lifetime Warranty

It means if any device have problem within 1 year (under correct using),

we will send free replacements. After 1 year, we will offer free repair or 

just charge material cost for replacements.

Additional Information

What Will You Get?

*L or U shape pan and tilt head (use Japan motors)
Optional L or U shape pan tilt roll 3 axis head (will add extra cost)
*Lens Servo system
*1pc 12m main cable
*1pc big control box (contain batteries)
*2pcs controllers
*1pc 10 inch HD monitor
*External power supply
*10pcs 1.2 meters triangle arm with side length 15*15*15cm
*4 sets stainless steel guy wire
*Six wheels dolly
*Install tools
*Three aluminum boxes (packing)

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