Hand Operated Movie Shooting Scissors Crane

1. With manual scissors shape arm

2. Use aluminum tripod

3. The telescopic range is from 2.5m to 5.5m

4. Optional motorized arm body

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Hand Operated Movie Shooting Scissors Crane

Item No.: VC-T 5.5MX



U Shape Pan and Tilt Head

1. The U head can bear 15kgs weigths

2. Use high power motors with low noise

3. Optional pan tilt roll 3 axis head (will add extra cost)

Intergration of Control Box and 7 Inch Monitor

1. Make design more simple

2. With monitor hood

3. Contain batteries and with charger

4. With buttons of 12V DC, 12V DC charger, video, power etc.

Two Controllers

1. One head controller with joystick + one zoom controller

2. Remote control pan, tilt, zoom, damp, speed etc.

3. Optional focus and iris for Panasonic or Sony (will add extra cost)

4. Optional DSLR controller (will add extra cost)

One Main Cable

To connect head and control parts

Munual Arm Body

1. Use scissors shape arm body

2. Material is aluminum alloy

3. The crane total length is 5.5m

4. The telescopic range is from 2.5m to 5.5m

5. Optional motorized arm body (will add extra cost)

Aluminum Tripod


1. Use one aluminum box to pack head parts

2. Use two carton to pack arm and tripod


Lifetime Warranty

It means if any device have problem within 1 year (under correct using), 

we will send free replacements. After 1 year, we will offer free repair or

just charge material cost for replacements.


Test Video


Additional Information

What Will You Get?

* U shape pan and tilt head (use high power motors)
Optional pan tilt roll 3 axis head (will add extra cost)
* One main cable
* Two controllers
* Intergration of control box and 7 inch monitor
* Manaul rhombic shape arm body
* Aluminum tripod
* One aluminum box + two cartons (packing)

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