Different Length Square Tube Crane Telescopic

1. Optional length 5 meters, 6.5 meters and 10 meters

2. Telescopic movement is very smooth and quiet

3. Telescopic speed is adjustable

4. Optional motorized adjusted dolly with track wheels

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Different Length Square Tube Crane Telescopic



Without Head Parts

1. Head parts include head, head controller, zoom controller, main cable, monitor

2. Can be used by Ronin or Movi (need Ronin connector from Ronin company)

3. Optional Ronin connector made by us (will add extra cost)

Big Control Box (contain circuit board)

One Battery Box

1. Offer power supply for arm telescopic movement

2. With charger

Two Controllers

1. One arm controller with joystick (to control arm telescopic movement)

2. The other one controller is free replacement

Arm Body

1. Optional crane length 5 meters, 6.5 meters and 10 meters

2. Arm telescopic movement is very smooth and quiet

3. Use square shape arm body

4. Material is high strength aluminum alloy with good paint

5. Telescopic range is from 2m to 10m

6. The arm telescopic speed is adjustable. The max speed is 0.5m/sec.

Updated 8 Wheels Dolly

1. Optional motorized adjusted 4pcs wheels dolly (will add extra cost)

2. The adjusted dolly is with levelling legs 

3. Optional 4pcs inflatable wheels for adjusted dolly (will add extra cost)

4. The dolly can be with track wheels (will add extra cost)

5. The track wheels can be directly used on all kinds of tracks

With Square Counterweights


1. Use customized wood box to pack arm and dolly

2. The boxes are with sponge inside to protect the parts


Lifetime Warranty

It means if any device have problem within 1 year (under correct using), 

we will send free replacements. After 1 year, we will offer free repair or

just charge material cost for replacements.


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Additional Information

What Will You Get?

* Without head parts
* Big control box
* Two controllers
* Square telescopic arm body (use imported motor and parts)
* 8pcs big wheels dolly
* Square shape counterweights
* Customized wood box (packing)

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