Camera Crane With Seats

Camera Crane With Seats

1. 80% of GFM with very competitive prices

2. With length 6m and 8m available

3. With two seats on the top

4. With unique 4 wheels dolly

5. The dolly can be with track wheels

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Camera Crane With Seats

It is 80% copy of GFM

Arm length is 1.5m/pc+ front arm 1m + second rear arm 1.6m + rear arm 0.8m

The crane can be setup as 6m and 8m

The camera crane can bear 200kgs weights

The camera crane with two seats on the top

The dolly is with 4pcs levelling legs

The 4 wheels dolly can be with 16pcs track wheels

The dolly is with braking system

Use aluminum box as packing

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