14 Meters GF-8 With Two Seats On Top

14 Meters GF-8 With Two Seats On Top

1. The crane can be setup into different length

2. The crane is with seats which can bear 140kgs weight

3. Use unique 4 wheels dolly with 8pcs track wheels

4. The crane can be used by Ronin/Movi

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14 Meters GF-8 With Two Seats On Top


What will you get are:

Five pieces arm body which the material is high strength Ti-Alloy

(1pc 160cm main arm, 5pcs 150cm main arm, 1pc 127cm main arm, 1pc 100cm main arm, 1pc 80cm lever arm).

Two sets V shape bracket.

One set diagonal guy wire (22pcs wires + 4pcs 12cm extender + 2pcs 20cm extender + 8pcs balance bar).

One set horizontal guy wire (8pcs wires + 2pcs angle regulator).

One crane head which can bear 50kgs weights.

One platform which people can sit on it (can bear 140kgs).

One 20cm + one 30cm column.

One 150mm bowl.

Two seats.

One arm body support tower.

One tower height base (the base height is 30cm).

One 4pcs wheels dolly (use explosion-proof wide tires).

Four sets (4*2) track wheels (can be directly used on tracks).

One big counterweights box (contain 42pcs counterweights + 3pcs 1/4 thick counterweights).

One mini counterweights box.

One arm transport vehicle.t

Three counterweights transport frames.

One counterweights forklift truck.

1 year warranty and lifetime free repair.


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