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  • LY-C 9.6MLY-C 9.6M

    Customized Professional Camera Crane

    Customized Professional Camera Crane

    1. 10m/32.8ft professional camera crane

    2. Use Japan motors with lower noise

    3. Unique connector box with 6 connectors on head

    4. Simple design with only two sets of steel guy wire

    5. The tripod is adjustable from 1.2m to 1.6m

    6. The crane can be setup as 9.6m and 7.4m

  • LC-V096 Heavy CraneLC-V096 Heavy Crane

    13 Meters Professional Camera Crane

    1. 13m/ 42.65ft professional camera crane

    2. With pan tilt roll 3 axis dutch head (X. Y. Z axis)

    3. The head use Japan motors and 3pcs slip rings

    4. The head can rotate 360 degree unlimited on X. Y. Z axis

    5. Use unique 4 wheels dolly

    6. The crane can be used by DV/professional/broadcast cameras