10 Meters Jimmy Jib

We are offering promotional FOB price USD1970 for 10m Jimmy Jib to help more customers get the chance to know our products. What you will get are: *Optional L or U shape pan and tilt head (use Japan motors and can bear 15-20kgs weights) *One lens servo system to control the iris and focus of broadcast cameras *Big control box and two controllers *One set FREE DSLR controller *One 10 inch HD monitor with one FREE HDMI cable *4 sets stainless steel guy wire *8 pcs of [...]

9 Meters Super Telescopic Camera Crane

One of our customers from Europe visited our factory and bought one set 9m super telescopic camera crane (item No.: 8D-090). Please check details from the link:  We now only left one last 8D-090 material in our warehouse and we want to sell the last one and invest more 12m one (12m is more popular). If you want to take this 8D-090, the very special price we can offer is USD31300 (this price is valid before 29th June, 2019). And we will offer free [...]

Motorized Trailer Used On Camera Dolly

We new released a motorized trailer which can be used on any kinds of dolly and tracks (straight/curved).  It support motorized moving and use pedals to control the dolly go/back and speed. The features are: 1. This trailer is sold seperated (without dolly and tracks). 2. It use very good pedals (use Hall Sensor) and Germany imported high power motor. 3. It is continuously variable speed and the max speed is 5 meters per second. 4. It use two gusset plate battery (you can use camera batteries on [...]

5.5m Telescopic Camera Crane With Manual Arm

One of our distributor placed his order of 10pcs 5.5m telescopic camera crane with manual arm and we are making the production. Our material cost + labour cost can be lower when make mass production. If the customer can place his order before 30th May, we will offer him very special EXW price USD860.  And we can send him the crane by any shipping way he choose. BTW, this price is for full set crane (use very good material) but without camera and counterweights.  By [...]

Higher Standard Car Mounted Camera Crane

Camera Crane Latest Promotion Activities

We offer same good quality camera crane with more competitive prices in 2019. Here are our latest promotion activities. A. 5 meters car mounted camera crane unit price is much lower B. We offer FREE SEA SHIPPING for multi-function crane and jimmy jib. C. 7.2 meters DV camera crane use triangle arm 80*80*80mm is offering the lowest promotional price USD650. D. Copy of GFM 7700 is offering the lowest promotional price USD665 (this price is valid before 30th March, 2019). E. We now have folding stainless steel tracks and motorized dolly with very good [...]

Copy of GFM 12 Meters Camera Crane

90% Copy of GFM

Please know that we new released 12m camera crane with very competitive price (it is 90% copy of GFM)   1. The crane total length is 12 meters 2. The crane can be setup into 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m 3. The lenght under 8m can be with sitting man on the top 4. The crane is with one seat and one 150cm bowl on the head 5. The head can bear 200kgs weights 6. Use unique 4 wheels dolly with 4pcs leveling legs for better support 7. The 4 wheels [...]

12 Meters Multi-function Camera Crane

Please know that one of our distributor in Europe placed his repeat order of 10pcs 12m multi-function camera crane and we are making the production. The crane use U shape pan and tilt head which can bear 20kgs weights (use Japan motors) + good control parts (include one set DSLR controller) + 10 inch HD monitor + triangle arm (15*15*15cm) + 3 big wheels adjustable tripod (adjusted height from 1.2m to 1.6m).  It can be used by DV/DSLR/EX/professional/broadcast cameras and be setup as 12m, 9.6m, 7.2m.  Now the special [...]

Higher Standard Car Mounted Camera Crane

Car Mounted Camera Crane

 Please know that our technology to make car mounted camera crane is very mature now.  We export the crane to lots of countries and get very good feedback.   The car mounted camera crane features are: 1. Use imported motors and Russia imported parts to offer better quality. 2. It will hold a position and direction when the car speed up to 80MPH. 3. Use damper on crane head and arm body.  4. Use round shape arm body. 5. The crane length can be from 5m to 7m. 6. Customized design is accepted. If you have need, please feel free to contact us [...]

Camera Crane With Lifetime Warrany

2015To thank our clients’ support, we now offer lifetime warranty for most of our products.  Lifetime warranty means if any device (under correct using) have problem within 1 year, we will send free replacements.  After 1 year, we will offer free repair or just charge material cost for replacements.   By July, 2015

Multi-function Camera Crane

2015We would like to recommend our new released 6m/8m/10m/12m/15m/18 multi-function camera crane to you. 1. It can be used by DSLR (include 5D2, 5D3, 6D, 7D) and DV/EX/professional/broadcast cameras. 2. Use good material like Japan imported motor, stainless steel parts 3. Optional  L and U shape pan and tilt head (with same cost) 4. Use 10 inch HD monitor with HDMI cable 5. Optional three/four/six/eight wheels dolly (with same cost) 6. Dutch head with slip rings is available   By June, 2015